The Khans Were PAWNS Of The DNC – This One Tweet NAILED IT…

Khizr Khan, the father of Humayun Khan is no doubt a loving father who is proud of his heroic son.

But there can also be no doubt that his impassioned speech at the Democratic National Convention was little more than a political ploy to attack Donald Trump for what really is an unrelated issue.

See, Capt. Khan and his Muslum family were American citizens. The elder Khan emigrated here and assimilated nearly 40 years ago. It’s pretty clear that Mr. Khan and his family love this country.

Attempts by leftists to tie in the sacrifices of the Khan family with Trump’s call to restrict the immigration of Muslims from countries “compromised by terrorism” is ridiculous – but the public seems to be buying it.

Even Megyn Kelly got caught up in the emotion of the speech, trying to get Gov. Mike Huckabee to denounce Trump’s plan.

Until now.

Sunday morning, Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro– who is no fan of Donald Trump – tweeted something that needed to be said:

And, as BizPacReview put it, lightbulbs started to go off:

Khan’s feelings – and raw emotions – are sincere. Any talk this his wife was somehow ordered to be silent because she’s Muslim is stupid and counter-productive. The real point is that sadly, Khan, his hero son and his family’s sacrifice are being used by the Clinton campaign to attack Donald Trump. It’s a non-sequitur, but one that can be hard to see when you have a dead soldier’s father on the other sides.

Still, the fact remains. Capt. Khan was killed by Muslims, in a Muslim country in a war that Hillary Clinton supported. And he attacks Donald Trump:

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