The Left’s Latest Critique Of Donald Trump’s Louisiana Visit Is BEYOND Stupid

Donald Trump and his running mate Mike Pence recently visited Louisiana and handed out supplies to victims of the historic floods that soaked the state and left thousands of people displaced.

There’s one photo circulating the web, showing Donald Trump handing out Play-Doh. Liberals are LOSING it, because it’s SO DUMB to give Play-Doh to kids who literally just lost everything. Obviously.

Do they realize how completely ridiculous they sound? They’re actually criticizing Donald Trump for showing up in Louisiana with an 18-wheeler truck full of supplies, giving kids toys and speaking to flood victims.

They’re actually criticizing Trump for giving toys to children.

Meanwhile, President Obama won’t get off the golf course, and Hillary Clinton is incapable of waking up from her nap.

I guess Trump should’ve kicked back, relaxed and played a round of golf instead. Maybe then liberals would like him?

Honestly, they’d criticize him either way.

But now it’s bad to give toys to devastated children. In case you were wondering.


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