The Most Important Blog About Donald Trump You Will Ever Read

There’s something happening here
What it is ain’t exactly clear….
(Buffalo Springfield)

Roger Stone is the man behind the scenes who has been predicting the establishment with pin point accuracy. He was originally Trump’s campaign manager, but stepped down so he could do media like as well as Lou Dobbs and many other talk shows that would have him. Stone is the people’s insider.

Roger Stone says we need to all go to Cleveland for the convention. There is a coup in progress. The big steal as Stone likes to call it is underway. Ted Cruz has already stolen delegates from Louisiana. And it appears that the GOPe machine is about to deliver another blue state (Wisconsin) to Ted Cruz.

The fact that nobody in the establishment conservative media is intellectually curious about these machinations should worry all American patriots. These talk show whores are selling the sovereignty of the United States to the highest foreign bidders. Talk radio has also refused to cover the Cruz sex scandal with any vigor other than to dismiss the National Enquirer. 

Roger Stone predicts that Paul Ryan will be one of the “alternate choices” brought to the convention floor, most likely on the fourth ballot. Ted Cruz is being used to split enough votes so it looks like chaos to the average low information republican. Kasich is now being financed heavily by George Soros – to the tune of more than a half million dollars. Kasich want a piece of the action. Most likely vice president.

If you ever wanted to get involved in politics, now is the time. From July 18–21, the RINO Convention is being held in Cleveland Ohio. If you love Donald Trump, you need to go to Cleveland to peacefully assemble because there is no other way to stop the establishment from thwarting the will of the people.

A show of strength from actual citizens will send a powerful message to the establishment that they will not change our country into a banana republic.

We need at least 5 million patriots. Will you consider it? Your country hangs in the balance. Fair and free elections hang in the balance. Trillions of dollars of trade deficits hang in the balance. A real jobs recovery hangs in the balance. And your family and future all hang in the balance.

If we don’t act they will steal this election. Will you stand with Donald Trump?

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