The Most Incredible Acts of Kindness Donald Trump Did For Americans That You Weren’t Aware Of

The real estate Mogul who has outdone himself as a successful businessman, author, politician, and television personality, Donald Trump has been the ruling power in the hearts of followers and enemies alike. Targeted mostly by others for his political standings and beliefs, he has nevertheless influenced many with his unbelievably generous contributions to many different causes.

While the skeptics out there may be shaking their heads, they may well surprise themselves by reading ahead and getting evidence contrary to what they think of this American success story. Given below are ten moments in which Trump showed a tremendous spirit of humanity and servitude that led to a rise in his popularity among thousands!

1. Providing Sanctuary to Jennifer Hudson


When the mother, brother and nephew of the Grammy Award winning singer, Jennifer Hudson, were shot in Chicago, she was unable to proceed forward with her life. It was here that Trump actually came forward to help Hudson during her time of grief. He took care of all the expenses without asking for even a dime. He also made sure that security was provided not only for her but also for certain other members of her family.

2. Offering his Private Jet to Accommodate an ill Boy


Andrew Ten, a thirteen years old boy, was in need of going to New York for receiving significant medical treatment. However, a huge obstacle stood in the way: the airlines were simply unwilling to let him board due to numerous pieces of medical equipment required. Though it seemed like there was no hope for Andrew, a miracle happened in the form of Trump, who was phoned by the boy’s parents. Trump wasted no time and actually dispatched his own private jet in order to fulfill their urgent needs. The gratitude felt for this act was expressed warmly by Ten’s father who said:

 “He is a good man. He has three children of his own and him knows what being a parent is all about.”

3. Saving a family’s working farm in danger of being foreclosed


When in 1986, Annabell Hill received the foreclosure notice for her family farm, she didn’t know who to turn to for help. Hoping to cover all the remaining balance she owed with the life insurance policy of her husband who had just committed suicide, Mrs. Hill was devastated to find out that it was just not enough. And that is where Trump came to her rescue, after hearing her tragic story. Only Mrs. Hill could truly express the overwhelming gratitude she felt for this bigger than life person.

4. Helping a Newly Released Sergeant get back on his feet


After being imprisoned in Mexico for a period of seven months, Tahmooressi had a hard time getting his life back on the road. Not only was he beaten severely during his imprisonment but also chained to the bed. When he was finally released, Trump helped him out by giving him a check for twenty-five thousand dollars. Tahmooressi wouldn’t have managed to find his firm footing without such a selfless act.

5. Rewarding a bus driver who saved a woman from jumping off the bridge


Darnell Barton, while driving one day across a bridge, saw a woman standing on the opposite side of the railing, staring at the traffic below. Instead of just driving by, Barton stopped and actually approached the woman. Seeing as the passengers were quite anxious, he managed to convince the woman to come over. When Trump heard about this, he gave Barton ten thousand dollars. Trump actually said:

“I thought that was so beautiful to see. I think he is a great guy with an amazing heart and I said that man should be rewarded.”

6. Handing out Money with no Strings Attached


While the world may seem filled with too much cruelty and disease, certain charismatic people do come forward to try to change it. And Trump has been one of a kind when it came to helping those out in dire need. By launching a website with a partner, Bill Zanker, Trump made it possible to raise money for significant emergencies like a transplant and other necessities. Several people have benefited so far and many lives have actually been saved.

7. Donating to the Museum


No matter what the cause, you will find Trump contributing to it on a tremendous scale. And that is exactly what was observed at the National September 11 Memorial & Museum in downtown Manhattan. Trump made a generous contribution of one hundred thousand dollars. And not only that, but he also visited the museum personally with his wife. Thus, with him, it is not only monetary value but also personal dedication.

8. Offering to Personally Assist an Injured Vet in Iowa


While the affairs of veterans may seem trivial to most successful politicians, such case hasn’t been with Trump. When at a rally in Sioux City, he questioned a wounded combatant, Todd, and on getting a highly frustrated response targeted at the Veteran Affairs, Trump took charge of the situation. He offered to put pressure on the VA on his own account, giving relentless support to the vet.

9. Earning the Gratitude of a Terminally Ill Mother


When Melissa Ann Young found out that she had an incurable disease due to lack of care during pregnancy, she was worried for her son as she couldn’t take care of him or save up money for his future. Her sister-in-law started a funding project for her on Trump’s website that not only took care of her worries for her son’s education but that also gave her the spirit to keep fighting. She was beyond grateful when Trump personally sent her a package that helped her through her dark times, reviving her faith in humanity.

10. Giving Hope to a Young Girl with Bone Disease


Though everyone has benefited from the generosity of Trump, it has been even more so for children. And it was experienced by a young girl, who was suffering from a rare bone disease but who was provided with hope and courage to fight by Trump. It may have seemed a small thing to others but for that child, it meant the world. And that is what helped her through the testing times.

Watch the heart-warming video:

So, while many may still rally against Trump and come up with numerous accounts of unfounded unjustified acts, there is no arguing with the fact that he is a man with a big and inviting heart for all those who may need a helping hand.

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