The New York Times FORGOT What They Wrote About Trump In 1995 – Let’s Remind Them!

The New York Times have demonstrated over and over again they are in the tank for Hillary Clinton. They came down hard on Donald Trump over the weekend for allegedly using his 1995 tax returns to claim a massive loss and using that to avoid paying taxes for the next 18 years. Back in 1995, the New York Times was singing a different tune, however.

In a move that demonstrates the New York Times’s selective memory, they crowned Donald Trump the “Comeback King” in 1995 for overcoming massive debt and saving his businesses, per BizPac Review.

The two-decade old piece focused on the renaissance of Trump’s business interests after a series of missteps in the early 1990’s.

“Though there are still four years to go in the 90’s, business and government leaders in New York honored Donald J. Trump yesterday for pulling off what they called ‘the comeback of the decade,’” said the paper back in 1995.

The article continued, “Mr. Trump, the developer who came to epitomize opulent wealth during the 80’s before tumbling into deep financial trouble, has managed to erase much of his debt and is moving ahead with major projects at a time other developers are idling.”

The Times even noted that at one point Donald Trump’s net worth was at -$1 billion in 1991, but Donald Trump renegotiated with his lenders and was back on top just four years later.

“Now, he continues to pursue the trademark trophy-style projects he is known for, such as a hotel and condominium project on the southwest corner of Central Park that is expected to open by late 1996,” the Times said.

Today, the notion of Donald Trump being a “comeback king” is a thing of the past.

Instead, the Times decries Trump for using his massive business loans as a tax write-off, which is a perfectly legal business expense.

Of course, when you are a liberal paper in the tank for Hillary anything, even changing your story twenty years later is fair game.

God help us all if Hillary Clinton is elected.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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