The ONLY Chart Americans Need To Figure Out How To Deal With Police


Katie Zehnder reports that when Michael Brown died in Ferguson, Missouri, as he fled police officers after he robbed a convenient store, the Black Lives Matter movement was born as the claim racism played into the death of Michael Brown, as it was a white officer who has involved in the incident.

Since that time, several other incidents have occurred involving blacks victims and white officers, including the Eric Garner case in New York and the Freddie Gray case in Baltimore. In all three of these cases as well as other recent incidents, the person in question was black and the situation resulted in their death. Death, was not the end goal of the officers involved, but sadly enough that was the result.

Due to these three incidents and other recent incidents many have developed bitterness and hard feelings towards cops in general. This was likely the cause of the recent death of five police officers in Dallas, Texas, as well as the three cops, each killed in a different state the following day.

So far in 2016 26 cops have been killed, this is up 44% from last year. It is only the first part of July, so that averages out to roughly one officer per week.

Young Conservatives reported:

Sounds awful to even think, but there’s a decent chance more police officers will be killed while Barack Obama is still in office.

The saddest part is that Obama aligns himself with the Black Lives Matter movement, and really doesn’t seem to care that families are being ruined thanks to phony outrage.

When a black man resists arrest and wrestles with cops, he’s going to face consequences – just like anyone else would.


Maybe if Freddie Gray, Michael Brown, and Eric Garner hadn’t been struggling with police, or running from them, or better yet, not breaking laws at all they would still be alive today.

But the Black Lives Matter movement wants to blame law enforcement for their deaths, rather than just admitting that these individuals were breaking the law.

Does that mean that these individuals deserve to die? Not necessarily, but when you first break the law, and then go so far as to resist arrest or run from police, that is certainly a risk you take.

That is not to say every cop is perfect, or every black is a criminal, but by and large, cops are not going to target someone based on their skin color, therefore they should not be targeted based on their profession.

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