The Real Reason Spanish-Speaking Reporter Didn’t Get Trump Interview

The hit jobs on presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump by the liberal media have become almost laughable when one realizes how far they are reaching to find or manufacture evidence of their predetermined anti-Trump narrative.

While many witnessed the swift collapse of a recent article in The New York Times describing Trump as a misogynistic sexist, fewer saw the Buzzfeed article alleging the Trump campaign kicked a reporter out after he spoke in Spanish while waiting to interview the billionaire businessman.

The piece asserted that Marcos Stupenengo, a multilingual correspondent for the Mexican TV Azteca, was awaiting an interview with Trump when he received a phone call and started speaking Spanish in the lobby of Trump Tower. It was alleged that the reporter was kicked out of the building for speaking the language, reinforcing the narrative that Trump is a racist bigot who hates Hispanics.

Unfortunately, that isn’t exactly what happened, as was exposed Monday night by CNN senior media reporter Dylan Byers, who actually conducted some journalism and asked some questions instead of simply running with a preset narrative.

According to the tweet by Byers, Stupenengo never actually had an interview lined up with Trump and was merely waiting around in the lobby in the hopes that one could be arranged.

In all likelihood, there was no time for the Trump campaign to fit in an interview with the Spanish-speaking reporter, and he was asked to leave and come back another time, perhaps actually scheduling an interview first next time instead of just showing up and demanding one.

The fact that Stupenengo was speaking Spanish on his phone when the campaign informed him there wouldn’t be an interview that day was merely a coincidence exploited by the reporter and the liberals at Buzzfeed to push their narrative.

Keep this story in mind as an example for the next time you hear the media slam on Trump for some perceived faux pas and realize that they have an agenda that must be pushed, even if it means ignoring inconvenient facts and only telling part of the story.

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