The Reason Recently Killed Blue Angels Pilot Didn’t Eject Makes Him A Hero

Marine Capt. Jeff Kuss died a hero, protecting the lives of potentially dozens of Americans. While he might not have been died on a battlefield in some distant country, he still deserves all of the respect and admiration afforded to those who lose their lives defending our shores.

Kuss, a pilot in the Navy’s elite fighter jet performance team The Blue Angels, died on Thursday while practicing for the upcoming Great Tennessee Air Show. Details about the accident his death are still unknown, although The Navy Times reports that Kuss’s F/A-18 Hornet crashed shortly after takeoff on Thursday afternoon.

Some have come to speculate as to why Captain Kuss didn’t eject from the craft prior to the crash. As it turns out, Kuss’ actions may have saved lives.

American Military News reports:

Reportedly, in order to prevent his aircraft from hitting into an apartment building, Kuss purposefully did not eject so that he could maneuver the aircraft away from the building.

American Military News also spoke with several military aviators who also reinforced that if there was any danger of the plane hitting civilians the aviator is to stay with the plane to avoid any innocent loss of life.

Dick Walstad, the organizer of the “AirSho” in Fargo, ND who has had the Blue Angels perform at his event also said that Captain Kuss is probably was a hero in his death.

“… populated area, a bunch of kids,” says Walstad, about why he didn’t eject. To prevent further casualties. He was a hero, a hero,” said Walstad.

Captain Kuss, a native of Durango, Colorado, leaves behind a a wife and two children. Prior to his career as a member of The Blue Angels, Kuss served our country in Afghanistan.

Please remember the Captain and his family in your prayers.

h/t American Military News

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