BETHPAGE, NY — Donald Trump took a shot to the chin in Wisconsin, but he recovered nicely by visiting his home state on Wednesday evening.

Bethpage, NY is one town over from where I grew up as a kid. A lot has changed in 30-years since I left. What used to be a blue collar, Christian heavy area, is now flooded with illegal aliens and immigrants from the Middle East. Be it food, religion or clothing, store after store caters to the Middle Eastern and Spanish cultures.

That said, I’ve been to three Trump rallies and one anti-Trump protest. The event in Bethpage was by far the biggest and most energetic. It was a momentum building event for sure, and Lord knows Trump needed it.

It felt more like a rock concert than a political rally. People were dancing and jumping up and down waving Trump signs. People of all ages sang in harmony with the tunes blasted over the loud speaker (Rolling Stones and Billy Joel songs pre-empted Trump’s arrival on stage).

The crowd size was at minimum 10,000 people. Wall to wall, front to back, the old Grumman warehouse was packed. There was not a single space available — people stood shoulder to shoulder. Blue-collar Americans from across Long Island packed in like sardines to hear Trump say the same things he’s said for the past 10 months.

Hundreds of police surrounded the area. Helicopters flew over the warehouse before, during and after the event. Some police were on horses, others on motorcycles, some dressed in riot gear expecting the worst.

As always, there were groups of protesters. Some supported illegal aliens, others supported Muslims, and nearly all of them chanted for Bernie Sanders 2016. It got heated at times between the anti-Trump and pro-Trump crowds, but overall no punches were landed and the cops did an amazing job at keeping everyone safe.

If the Trump train needed a boost of power — it got what it needed and then some in Bethpage, NY.

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