‘The Voice’ Singer’s Mom Just Stood Up At Her Funeral And Made A Statement That’s Moving The Nation

Faith, like tears, flowed freely Friday at the memorial service for singer Christina Grimmie, whose career took off after a third-place finish on The Voice, but was shot and killed June 10 in Orlando by an obsessive fan.

“I was really mad, but when Christina went home to be with the Lord Jesus, I told him ‘I’m not mad. I’m not mad. But I want to know why,’” Christina’s mother, Tina, said at the service. “I’m just taking one day at a time and the prayers that hold me up.”

“To anybody who says that I’m strong,” she added, “I want you to know that I’m the weakest person here and I declare my dependence on Jesus Christ because I don’t have anything else. It’s just so much…”

Tina Grimmie shared her last memory of her daughter.

“The last time I saw my daughter was on my birthday,” she said. “It was May 25th and we, the day before, the 24th we had a mother-daughter — we always have a mother-daughter time. We’d go get something to eat and talk and then we went on my birthday — me, Bud, Christina and Mark — we went to Cheesecake Factory and it was really nice. And then they had to get things ready for tour,” she said.

“I always told her I loved her…I just want her to come home and I want to see her,” Tina added.

Bud Grimmie, Christina’s father, also spoke.

“I don’t like being in front of crowds, but this crowd has blessed me beyond words. I want to share what I’ve shared with several people here and that’s there’s this gigantic hole in my heart that I know is never going to go away,” he said.

“But God showed me that he’s way bigger than that hole,” he father said. “The three things that keep me walking upright, otherwise I would just be a crumpled up mess in the corner, are that: I know I’m going to see her again…she’s way better off now, she’s more alive now than she’s ever been, she’s not going to be hurt by anymore, and thirdly, and this is where I’m wrestling, is that God’s plan is better than my plan.”

h/t: Eonline

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