The women who led anti-war protests against George W. Bush during his presidency has just come forward and dropped a BOMB on Hillary. There’s no way liberals saw this one coming…

Cindy Sheehan, who became a major figure in the anti-war movement against the George W. Bush administration after her son Casey was killed in Iraq, believes Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is exactly the type of politician she was railing against.

In a commentary for Independent Journal Review, Sheehan recalled leading a group of anti-war protesters from groups such as Iraq Vets Against the War and Gold Star Families for Peace in August 2005, and the mixed reaction she received from the media at the time.

“I was either viciously attacked (for example, Glenn Beck called me a ‘tragedy pimp’) or put on a pedestal (for example, Maureen Dowd wrote in the NY Times that I had the ‘absolute moral authority.’) Both of these extremes were undeserved,” she wrote.

“I was simply a mom from California who wanted a simple question answered,” Sheehan continued. “I wanted the truth, and here in the US, that is extra-ordinary, but I wasn’t an extra-ordinary person.”

While she indicated she still has disdain for Bush, she cannot understand why more people in the anti-war movement aren’t equally outraged at the Obama administration.

“Since Bush has left office (in the orderly and lawful way, not in handcuffs) and we’re almost through with the two-terms of the current War President, I almost feel sorry for Bush. (Almost, I said),” Sheehan wrote.

“Where’s the outcry against Obama’s wars? The occupy movement did not address these issues,” she wrote. “I have tried to hold three protest camps since Obama has been president. Instead of thousands of people, there were tens in attendance.”

Sheehan then pivoted to the current presidential election, saying she cannot figure out why people seem to be more concerned with the words of Republican nominee Donald Trump than what she perceives to be the consistent warmongering of Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton.

“The current POTUS electoral circus we find ourselves in is interesting only for the fact that this is truly the weirdest election I have ever witnessed in my lifetime,” she wrote.

“While Donald Trump’s rhetoric is being scrutinized and analyzed, Hillary Clinton’s actual record of support for war, war, and more war, has been sanitized,” Sheehan continued.

She said that for all the support he garnered, Clinton’s Democrat primary rival, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, was no different.

“The ‘super-star’ of 2016, Bernie Sanders, had a very weak foreign policy position, too. This sadly tells me that my fellow Americans’ compassion for others is practically non-existent,” she wrote.

While Sheehan doesn’t endorse Trump and believes her actions helped reframe the discussion about war, she is afraid that a Clinton election could drive things in the opposite direction.

“I would hate to think the only thing Camp Casey accomplished was getting the left-wing of the war party back in political power,” she concluded.

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