There Was Something Missing In Latest Batch Of Hillary Emails… This Could Do Her In For GOOD

Documents provided to Judicial Watch in response to a lawsuit the watchdog organization launched against the State Department earlier this year show that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has again failed to be totally up front and honest about her emails.

Previous investigations proved that she withheld at least 15 emails from the department, but according to the latest report, she withheld even more than that.

The Daily Caller reported that she also withheld a March 20, 2009, email sent by Tom Buffenbarger, the president of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers.

Once a liar, always a liar.


In the email, Buffenbarger expressed concern about a global manufacturing downtown. That seems innocuous enough, though the fact that Clinton either purposefully chose to hide this email from the State Department or try and delete it raises a plethora of concerns.

Clinton also reportedly withheld a trove of emails sent before March 18, 2009, the date she previously claimed she had the earliest access to her old emails.

The absence of these emails should rightfully concern the State Department, but according to spokesman John Kirby, this is not what has happened.

“Secretary Clinton and her team have indicated that they provided the department with all work-related emails in her possession from her time at the department,” he told The Daily Caller.

Sure, but her actual behavior suggests otherwise, Einstein. It’s like talking to the enabling mother of an alcoholic, is it not?

Thankfully, Judicial Watch has no intention of accepting these flimsy excuses and in fact plans to interview six current and former Clinton staffers over the numerous violations she has committed, according to Fox News.

The department might be content to let Clinton hustle the system, but those of us who actually care about the truth feel quite differently.

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