These 11 Patriots Bowed Their Heads… What Happened Next Left Us SPEECHLESS (VIDEO)

Fourteen years have passed since September 11, 2001. Those terrorist attacks changed America forever. We lost thousands of lives, and the men and women of our military continue to fight to kill Islamic terrorists.

Let us all pray and remember those we lost. Hug your family, go to church, and remember what’s really important. We all remember what happened that day, and it should not be something we EVER forget!

As we remember and ask God for his protection, let us watch this classic video of the United States Naval Academy. Watch (below) as their a capella group, The Anchormen, sing their version of “Hole in the World” by The Eagles. I got chills and it left me in tears when I watched.

Our post 9/11 world is different. But my prayer is that our “In God We Trust” motto would ring true in our hearts as we fight against the senseless evils of this world. In Christ, we find comfort, we have hope, and the good guys always win.

The group wrote on YouTube: “We hope to remind everyone, that we as a nation have never forgotten you, and we will continue to fight to protect the liberties we as Americans cherish.” You have to see this! It’s so beautiful:

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