These 8 Former Trump Haters Now Support Donald Trump… #5 Will Blow Your Mind

The voyage from #NeverTrump to joining the rest of the crowd aboard the Trump Train isn’t a long one at all, actually. In fact, not so long ago, eight top politicians were shouting as loudly as possible that they would never support Donald Trump.

And yet, now all of them — publicly or privately — are supporting the presumptive nominee for president. Amazing how a little success can change things.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, South Carolina

Lindsey Graham

You’d probably have to go on safari to find a bigger RINO than Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham. The South Carolina “moderate” (liberal is probably a better word) had told CNN not so long ago that Trump was a “xenophobic, race-baiting bigot.”

It certainly seemed like Graham — who is one of the top GOP champions of amnesty — could never bring himself to support Trump.

He even tweeted this:

While he still isn’t going to eat his crow in public (damn), CNN has reported that Graham is working behind the scenes to make sure that other Republicans united to defeat likely Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton. Apparently, his “good conscience” was changed by a phone conversation on foreign policy with Trump. Oh, and the fact that Graham will do virtually anything to stay close to power.

Gov. Rick Perry

Rick Perry

The former Texas governor was one of Trump’s rivals for the GOP nomination early in the process.

According to ABC News, he called Trump a “cancer on conservatism” that “must be clearly diagnosed, excised and discarded.”

He also said, as he ended his campaign, that, “Demeaning people of Hispanic heritage is not just ignorant, it betrays the example of Christ.”

Surprise, surprise — Perry recently endorsed Trump, telling CNN that while Trump “wasn’t my first choice,” Perry was “going to be open to any way I can help” and that Trump was “one of the most talented people who has ever run for the president I have ever seen.”

Gov. Scott Walker

scott walker

When Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker withdrew from the presidential race last September, he called on other candidates to withdraw as well “so that the voters can focus on the few candidates who represent a positive, conservative alternative to the current front-runner.”

Translation: not Donald Trump.

However, Wisconsin Politics reported that Walker had said he would “clearly” support Trump in the general election, especially given Hillary’s position on taxes, Supreme Court nominations and government regulation, among others.

Sen. Kelly Ayotte


The New Hampshire senator, who is vulnerable this fall, told Fox Business Network last July, “I don’t support what (Trump) has done and I don’t think he will be our nominee. So I don’t think I’ll have to worry about supporting him.”


And as for now? “As she’s said from the beginning, Kelly plans to support the nominee,” a spokeswoman told WMUR-TV.

Sen. Marco Rubio

Donald Trump and Marco Rubio at Primary Debate

I know, right? “Little Marco” had sworn up and down that he’d never support Donald Trump. It’s impossible to mention the number of times that he all but called Trump a threat to conservatism and democracy.

Now, Rubio is singing a different tune. “Look, my policy differences with Donald Trump — I spent 11 months talking about them. So I think they’re well understood,” Rubio said in an interview with CNN.

“That said … I don’t want Hillary Clinton to be president,” he added. “If there’s something I can do to help that from happening, and it’s helpful to the cause, I’d most certainly be honored to be considered for that.”

Rubio said that might even include speaking on behalf of Trump at the convention. Stay hydrated, Marco.

Gov. Bobby Jindal


The former Louisiana governor once called Trump a “narcissist” and an “egomaniac.” However, as the familiar pattern goes, that’s when he was running for president.

Now, he’s got different feelings about The Donald.

“I think electing Donald Trump would be the second-worst thing we could do this November, better only than electing Hillary Clinton to serve as the third term for the Obama administration’s radical policies,” Jindal wrote in a Wall Street Journal op-ed.

Not exactly an unambiguous endorsement, but yet another #NeverTrump-er for whom never wasn’t quite as long as they had thought.

Anthony Scaramucci


A major hedge fund manager and a go-to donor for the GOP, Scaramucci once said that Trump was a “hack politician” who probably ought to run for president of “the Queens County Bully Association.”

Now? He wrote n a Wall Street Journal piece that Trump was a “pragmatic entrepreneur” and “team builder” who would bring “empathy” to the White House. That’s quite a difference.

Gov. Nikki Haley

Nicki Haley

Finally, the South Carolina governor was one of the biggest #NeverTrump-ers, giving the response to the State of the Union and telling voters not to “follow the siren call of the angriest voices” — a clear jab at Trump. She even endorsed Marco Rubio (who didn’t have a lot of traction in her state — Trump won it anyway).

However, she recently told the Charleston Post and Courier that she would “support the Republican nominee for president” — short of supporting him as a vice presidential candidate.

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