These Students’ Demands Are So Stupid They’re AWESOME!

This week, students at Portland State University decided to take a break from whatever studies they have and make fools of themselves.

They staged a “die-in” to protest the fact that police carry guns.

That’s right. They want officers unarmed.

“So, I do believe I have mentioned the die-in before—what that entails is a lot of us who are abused so to say…we’re going to be laying down in the street outside so [the president] can see us so he knows what the Board of Trustees does to us, which is it kills us,” one protester explained in a video published by Vidmax.

The video starts with the students chanting “We want real diversity! Not a police-state university,” then it shows some 200 of them laying down, blocking traffic with signs and their “die in.”

“Whose streets? Our streets!” they chanted, along with “Black Lives Matter!” and “Disarm PSU! Disarm PSU!”

The group “Disarm PSU” is a student group that was founded two years ago after the school voted to arm campus police officers. The raucous group has staged several protests before, but the school said they will not give in to their demands by disarming campus police, CampusReform is reporting.

Among the amplified comments from the students was this gem: “The police are a tool of capitalism to control people in the state they are—staying in slavery, staying in poverty wages, staying in ridiculous working conditions.”

I’m pretty sure they haven’t seen the working conditions in most socialist countries.

One student, in the course of haranguing PSU Public Safety, criticized officers for their alleged mishandling of sexual assault cases, and even accused them of being rapists.

“Police are notorious for mishandling sexual assault cases. We all know that. They are often also rapists themselves,” she said to cheers from her fellow students.

A Portland mayoral candidate even showed up and made some bizarre promises: Sarah Iannarone said that she would sever ties with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement and even the “joint task force on terrorism.”

“We need to decouple from ICE, we need to not partner with federal immigration, we need to not partner with the joint task force on terrorism,” she told the students. “If I am your next mayor I will actively decouple from these racist activities as well.”


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