They Called Ben Carson ‘Trump’s Token Black Guy.’ His Response Had ‘Em EATING THEIR WORDS

Even conservative political personalities ask insane questions from time to time. We respect Chris Wallace here at Yes I’m Right, but his question to Ben Carson this weekend was utterly ridiculous.

Carson went on Fox News Sunday and was asked to comment on Donald Trump, specifically, Trump’s stance on immigration. Wallace’s question to him, after playing a small clip from a Hispanic former Trump advisor Jacob Monty, was out of line.

Take a listen.

Carson’s response of “I said a long time ago, it’s not about me, it’s about our nation,” is absolutely perfect. Trump needs someone like Carson in his cabinet to have quick level headed responses like that. But it didn’t end there.

Trump’s immigration stance was the big topic here and Carson destroyed every single argument against Trump that has come up on this topic throughout the entire election.

Go back and watch the 1995 state of the union address by Bill Clinton and see what he said. He said, illegal aliens are creating big problems for us and we’re going to put a lot more border patrol people on and secure our borders and we’re not going to have people able to work who come in illegally. And We’re going to cut off their welfare benefits and we’re going to deport people in record numbers.”

“You know, he says basically the same thing, but when he says it, wow, great, standing ovation, this is a great president. But when Trump says it, it’s hate speech. What hypocrisy! What incredible hypocrisy.”

And that’s 100% true! Whenever the liberals talk about Trump saying our borders need to be secure and illegal immigration is a problem, magically it’s hate speech and Trump is a racist.

This is the liberal way, of course. Whenever something can be twisted and manipulated to benefit them, instead of having a meaningful and productive conversation and meeting in the middle, liberals just yell and scream and blurt out “RASICM!” when in fact it’s the furthest thing from it. Not to mention that Bill Clinton, lord and savior of the Democrats, said it 20 years ago!

What Carson said needs to be seen by everyone who is a Trump supporter OR a Trump hater. Maybe he can talk some sense into the left-leaning dunces in this country.


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