They Called Her Racist For Her BET Awards Take Down… So Then She Did THIS

After her take down of the BET awards for what she described as an enshrinement of black victimhood and racism, Tomi Lahren caught significant flak. But she’s not backing down.

“Here it goes again, I call out a race bait and I’m black Twitter public enemy No. 1. Oh, bring it on,” Lahren began. “Half-white Jesse Williams stands up at the BET awards and bashes white people for being white and I’m the racist? OK, sure. If he’s half white is he half racist?”

“I’m not ‘pressed’ or angry black people gettin’ ‘woke,’ I’m all for it,” Lahren said, quoting some of her dissenters. “But you’re telling me it takes a stupid BET award speech or a Super Bowl performance by entertainers to empower you? And what exactly are you getting ‘woke’ to do? That’s what I don’t get.”

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