They Called Trump Supporters “Poorly Educated” … But This Study Left Them Dead SILENT

A bombshell analysis by renowned statistician Nate Silver revealed that the theories posed by liberals about supporters of presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump being poorly educated know-nothings who live in their mothers’ basements are patently false.

Writing for FiveThirtyEight, Silver explained that contrary to what the liberal media wants Americans to believe, most Trump supporters tend to be financially better off than supporters of Democrat candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Specifically, Trump supporters earn an average of $72,000 per year, whereas Clinton and Sanders supporters both averaged around $61,000 per year.

Supporters of the billionaire candidate make more money and are thus presumably better educated, since like liberals themselves often point out, financial success strongly correlates with higher education.


Moreover, low-income Americans who earn less than $30,000 accounted for only 12 percent of those who voted for Trump in the primary elections. They accounted for 20 and 18 percent of Clinton and Sanders’ voters, respectively.

This ought to be no real shocker, given that low-income Americans are more likely to take advantage of the very sorts of welfare programs that Clinton and Sanders both champion as necessary for continuing the failed “war on poverty.”


Silver added that approximately 44 percent of Trump supporters have a college degree, which is 14 percent points higher than the degree rate for all Americans.

Clearly, Trump supporters are not uneducated buffoons. If anything, they possess education, money and, more importantly, plenty of reasons to fight for the betterment of their country, i.e., to “make America great again.”

Like charges of Trump supporters being racists and bigoted, the accusations about Trump supporters being poorly educated are rooted in nothing more than liberal intolerance and bigotry. And you know what they say about bigots, right?

They’re poorly educated. Ohhhhh, the irony.

H/T BizPac Review

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