Things get tense at ‘The Five’ when someone asks Dana Perino what she thinks of W’s rejection of Trump

Things got tense on Fox News’ “The Five” when the topic of George W. Bush not backing Donald Trump came up.

Eric Bolling began arguing with co-host Juan Williams about prominent Republicans who aren’t backing Trump when former Bush press secretary Dana Perino jumped in to defend her former boss and friend.

Bolling insisted there wasn’t any fracture in the Republican Party.

He contended that people like the Bushes, Sen. Ben Sasse, who is looking to recruit a third-party candidate and Mitt Romney, who may be considering a third-party run of his own, were never on the Trump bandwagon to begin with.

That’s when Perino stepped in.

“If you want to fight about George W. Bush and his decision not to (endorse Trump) I think that it is a principled one,” Perino said.

She suggested that Bush took the high road by simply not endorsing him and not actively working against the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

Particularly after Trump accused Bush of lying to get into the Iraq War.

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