This “BLM” Sign Exposes Stupidity of The Anti-Cop Movement BRILLIANTLY

Warning!!! You must read this entire article in a low rumbling over dramatic tone as if you’re the narrator for a movie preview. At least read the first part like that. You’ll enjoy it.

Imagine if you will, a world where there’s no police. You can rape anyone you want, steal everything you can, and cheat on all the standardized common core tests without getting kicked out of high school. You can hide sex slaves in your basement, steal your neighbors riding mower (and run them over with it), and chug all the Hennessy you want after you burn down a liquor store.

That’s the world Black Lives Matter wants you to live in. Sounds like what could be the most turned down version of the game Grand Theft Auto, or GTA GO, and I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t want to play that game or experience it in real life. I could go without the Hennessy and rape. Maybe the lawn mower part sounds fun since my neighbor is a real life food stamp junkie anyway, but I don’t like Hennessy nor wear enough fake gold chains to drink that junk. I also have a job and pay taxes, so Hennessy isn’t for me. I don’t drink anything that’s locked up behind glass because it gets stolen by 30-year-olds still trying to be a rapper.

THE FEDERALIST PAPERS – The entire “Black Lives Matter” movement is based on a lie — namely that police officers are a scourge on the nation (and particularly so on black Americans) and must therefore be regulated to the extreme or perhaps even disbanded altogether:

BLM activists also appear to have a habit of defending criminals. Take Ferguson thug Mike Brown, for instance, who was justifiably killed after he first strong-arm robbed a convenience store and then attacked officer Darren Wilson.


Black Lives Matter, which probably consists mostly of people unwilling to get jobs (because if they had a job, they’d have no time to protest), seems like they would want us to live in a world where police are non-existent.

What would really happen if there were no police? We’d lose our minds and everything else. There’s be no order, just chaos.

Think about it, if we didn’t NEED police, then we wouldn’t have them anyway. But people don’t know how to act. People would rather make eleven babies and live off the free teets of the government system while hard working middle class folks pay taxes and let the welfare bums collect money.

If we didn’t need police, then we wouldn’t have them. But that’s Utopian and won’t ever happen.

Anyone who is anti-cop is also anti-intelligent. Good luck in life being a loser and not seeing the importance of the people who risk their lives to save us when we’re in a jam.

There’s always going to be a bad cop or two, because there’s a bad person at EVERY job. Think about where you work and name the one person there who absolutely has to go. If you’re in a small business with only a few people, then this may not apply to you. But if you work in a job where many people are employed, then I know you can think of at least one person who stinks at the job and should be let go. See. There’s a bad person at every job.

Being a cop is a job. Jobs sometimes have bad employees. No one denies that, but we don’t like when all the good cops catch a bad reputation for it.

And let’s not forget the number one fact – cops don’t shoot people because they’re black. Cops shoot people because the suspect is usually fighting back, non-compliant, stupid, or threatening towards the officer.

We give cops the right to eliminate any threat that puts their life in danger.

And we should stand by our police every day, not stand by low life scum like Mike Brown or Alton Sterling.

We need to all get our priorities straight and stand behind the guy who has a job, not the bum who is a criminal.

Stay woke, right?

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