This is PROOF Dems are worried Hillary can’t win

Nobody expected Donald Trump to be the Republican nominee, other than Trump and his supporters. Now he is the presumptive nominee, and as the Hillary camp starts planning their battle against Trump, they are airing concerns that it might be a lot closer race than they think. reports: “It will be close,” said Mark Alderman, a veteran Democratic Party fundraiser who worked on President Barack Obama’s transition team.

“I think that Trump as the nominee is an advantage for our party, but not nearly the advantage that some people had thought and hoped it would be,” said Alderman, now with Cozen O’Connor Public Strategies. “I think he has proven to be a far more formidable candidate than expected.”

Jay Carson, Clinton’s 2008 press secretary who has also worked for her family’s foundation, recently took to Instagram to sound the alarm on Trump.

“Here’s the bad news — this guy can win the general election pretty damn easily,” Carson, who is now a producer on the Netflix series “House of Cards” and a Principal at Bloomberg Associates, wrote on his private account. “I hear far too many of my liberal friends calling him a ‘joke’ and acting like the general (election) is in the bag which is nuts because he’s dangerous and he has a path to victory.”

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