THIS IS SICK! Hillary’s Plane Touches Down, Instantly Reporter Notices Sick “Problem” She’s Got

During this weekend, Hillary Clinton wished to join Bill to celebrate his birthday at a luxurious party in Martha’s Vineyard. Hillary also planned a fundraiser some 20 miles from the island, hosted by Cher.

VIA Conservative Tribune

Most people travel from Martha’s Vineyard to Nantucket by boat or ferry. Most people — but apparently not the former secretary of state, who opted for a more elaborate form of travel — a plane.

If you think that sounds a little excessive, you’re not alone.

But excessive is a word we’ve come to associate with Democrats in general, and Clinton is no exception. Despite her incessant claims that she is just like regular people, Clinton proved that she is anything but regular when she hopped on a private plane and jetted to Nantucket.

A woman who sees no problem flying a charter jet to travel a distance of 20 miles while claiming to represent working Americans — and caring about the “environment” — has a problem with hypocrisy.

It’s nice to know that Clinton wanted to be with her husband for a birthday bash, but it’s sickening that she couldn’t get to the fundraiser just 20 miles away the way most people would — in a boat or ferry. It could also be that her physical health not up to a potentially choppy boat ride — or anything more arduous than a private plane surrounded by private attendants.

Clinton has failed repeatedly to convince the public that she is one of them, fighting for their rights.

Clinton’s carbon footprint must be as big as Leonardo DiCaprio’s — and yet, these are the kinds of people who feel compelled to lecture us on the environment.

Yes, Clinton cares for the environment, but only when it doesn’t disrupt her busy schedule (which is probably never).

Hillary worries about the environment as much as she worries as suffering Americans who have struggled with never before seen hardship in the flood-ravaged Louisiana. The Democratic candidate carries on with her self-humiliation by revealing her hypocrisy that is repugnant.

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