This Is The Exact Moment When Hillary Realized That She Lost The Debate

The first Presidential debate took place last night, and while it felt quite short in scope, it made up for it in Trump’s trademark quick-witted humor. I think the night should have been called “The Roast of Hillary Clinton,” because she got wrecked and her lies came back in full force to destroy any argument she had against Trump.

Hillary not only started floundering, but Trump turned her into a stuttering mess, complaining that she’s being picked on, as if Trump was some schoolyard bully instead of a major political candidate that called her out on her countless lies.

When Hillary says that she’ll be blamed for every bad thing that’s ever happened, Trump, without skipping a beat, he says “Why not?” Mic. Drop.

That’s the exact moment when Hillary knew that her days of politicking were over. See for yourself:

This was perhaps the most satisfying series of clips I’ve seen this week. I cannot stop watching and cheering. Share this everywhere.


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