This Is The Mess Hillary Left In Banghazi’s Wake That She Doesn’t Want You To See

You’ve likely seen the story of Benghazi and Hillary Clinton’s lack of action that led to 4 American heroes being murdered. This is the side of the story that you haven’t seen and it’s going to slap you in the face and wake American the hell up.

In this week’s video, John “Tig” Tiegen shows and tells us exactly what happened during those fateful 13 hours in Lybia. You may have heard stories before, but nothing like this. This is gut wrenching from someone who was there, in the flesh. All the reports and all the stories can’t tell it like this.

Hillary wants this gone, but where here to bring it to you because the American public deserves to know.

As Americans, we all rightfully paid tribute this week to the thousands of innocent lives lost on 9/11/01 – a day when our country came under the attack of radical Islamic terrorists. And we honored the brave men and women who as first responders ran into danger – when everyone else was running away.

But I think we as Americans would be remorse if we didn’t also note that this weekend marks another anniversary that quietly slips under the radar – mainly because the current administration, #crookedhillary and the drive by media don’t want you to remember – 9/11/12.

That’s the day that me, my brothers and countless of other Americans were left to die when the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi came under attack. It’s important that we reflect on the past. Moreover, it is important that we learn from it. We cannot let our nation stand by and disregard the facts any longer.

This is EXACTLY what Hillary doesn’t want you to hear. This is EXACTLY what she doesn’t want you to see. You want the truth? Tig brings it every single day of his life because he has to live with the mistakes and lies of Hillary Clinton.

Let’s not let the country go through the same. Spread Tig’s word and make sure Hillary NEVER gets elected!

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