This is THE most effective video I’ve seen yet exposing Cruz

Ted Cruz VS Donald Trump

Ted Cruz is a  “conservative”. Donald Trump is also a conservative and I like that. Now comes the difference. Donald Trump is a successful business man who knows how to run a business and how to negotiate because of his many years of experience.

This is very much what this country needs. I often wonder why we give so much money to so many other countries when our own country needs it more?

Why shouldn’t we secure our borders against illegal immigration and protect jobs for our own people? Why should we allow Syrian refugees to come into our country when so many of their neighboring countries won’t? Why is it that our veterans and social security recipients didn’t get a cost of living raise this year but there is plenty of money for refugees and welfare recipients?

Why do we give so much money to other countries when we are so much in debt? Congress says they need a raise and Obama wants an 18% raise.

When was the last time you got a 18% raise. I’ll bet never! Donald Trump will expose the crooked slime in congress and that’s the reason they don’t want him. Yep, they’re afraid of him. I hope that people feel the way I do and vote for Donald Trump.

This is THE most effective video I’ve seen yet exposing Cruz. Oh hell, it RIPS him a NEW ONE! GOOD!

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