This Is Why We Love Donald Trump Senior Adviser Sarah Huckabee

Arnaldo Cruz Ortega said: Wake up people We are in trouble already!!! Lying Cruz has been buying district delegates for one year now. I said this sometimes ago. He is ahead in delegates if there is a contested conversation. In the first round he will lose but in the second he will win because he own them for over one year. He is doing exactly what he did in Texas in order to become senator. He was in second place but he own the delegates ahead of the one in first place. This guy is a professional, a fraud a lier and a cheat. We need to make sure Trump get 1237 needed or that’s it. I didn’t know there was so much cheating.

Corrupt mainstream media trying to say Trump wants to spread nukes. Donald Trump Senior Adviser Sarah Huckabee explains Trump’s position.

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