This List Of High-Ranking Officals Warn Of ISIS Refugee Infiltration… Obama REFUSES To Listen

While the Obama administration has seemed obsessed with importing tens of thousands of Muslim refugees into the United States, many other top officials have taken issue with safety and security issues concerning this mass immigration.

A White House National Security Council spokesman recently stated that the U.S. “remains committed to the president’s plan to resettle refugees from around the world,” even though they had yet to go through an adequate vetting process.

Here’s the list of nine high-ranking individuals who believe that Islamic State group militants can (or will) come in the form of refugees, taking advantage of our negligent screening system:

CIA Director John Brennan, in June 2016, bore witness to the concern that the Islamic State group “is probably exploring a variety of means for infiltrating operatives into the West, including in refugee flows, smuggling routes and legitimate methods of travel.”

In March 2016, Air Force Gen. Philip Breedlove, the top U.S. military commander in Europe, stated that members of the Islamic State group have been streaming into Europe alongside the refugees on a “daily” basis, according to CNS News.

In September 2015, Gen. John Allen was asked by ABC News if the Islamic State group could infiltrate the refugee system. He answered: “I think we should watch it. We should be conscious of the potential that Daesh may attempt to embed agents within that population.”

In October 2015, FBI Director James Comey stated he simply didn’t have the resources to thoroughly vet every single one of the 10,000 plus refugees, according to The Daily Caller.

In September 2015, National Intelligence Director James Clapper said, “We don’t obviously put it past the likes of ISIL to infiltrate operatives among these refugees,” The Washington Times reported.

In September 2015, State Department Spokesman John Kirby reluctantly stated that it’s very “possible” that the Islamic State group could use the broken refugee system in order to come into the U.S., according to The Daily Caller.

In April 2015, House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul said during a hearing that “(t)he intelligence community has briefed me that (terrorists) want to exploit the refugees — (that) terrorists want to exploit the refugee program to infiltrate and get in,” The Daily Caller reported.

The same report cited a February statement by the Deputy Director of the National Counterterrorism Center, Nicholas Rasmussen, that an Islamic State group infiltration through the refugee flow was “clearly a population of concern.”

In the same month, FBI Assistant Director Michael Steinbeck voiced his thoughts on the security risk of refugee entrance, saying he was “concerned” about bringing in more un-vetted individuals.

These are all members of President Barack Obama’s own administration. If he’s ignoring their concerns, it’s no wonder he has paid no attention to the objections voiced by everyday Americans like you and me.

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