This One Thing Hillary Did At The Debate Was A Slap In The Face To All Americans

Hillary Clinton has done some low thing in her life and in her political career. She’s deleted emails that put Americans at risk, she didn’t make the call and likely got 5 Americans killed in Benghazi. But what she did at the presidential debate offended every single American, even if every single American may have missed it.

During a national debate, it is customary and largely seen as presidential to wear a pin of the American flag at all times. Guess who didn’t wear one? I’ll give you 3 guesses and the first two don’t count.

Yup, you got it, Hillary Clinton was seen not wearing the pin of the flag of the country she wants to be leading. You can clip a mic on there, but you can’t clip a pin? How shameful.

Of course, should this really surprise anyone, given that the Democrat National Convention — where they crowned Hillary the Democrat nominee — “forgot” to have American flags present, until they were shamed into putting some up the second day? (Though you could find a Palestinian flag flying inside the convention, and protestors carrying Communist flags outside.)

Or given the fact that Hillary Clinton proudly plans to carry on President Obama’s legacy of shaming America — a legacy that’s led to things like banning our American flag in schools for fear of “taunting Hispanics” living here in this country? No doubt Hillary and her campaign didn’t want to “trigger” their supporters with such a (gasp) patriotic display while running for the presidency of this land.

ANother slap in the face to all of America. How is this woman still running for president? I mean, my God, how? Every single thing she does offends the country, even her own supporters, and no one bats a damn eyelash.



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