THIS Photo From Hillary’s Childhood Just Surfaced – Proves She’s Been Lying All Along!

At every turn, Hillary Clinton tries to paint herself as someone who grew up poor and learned about life on the mean streets of Chicago. But, just like just about everything else that comes out of her mouth, these contentions are both gross exaggerations and outright lies.

As Clinton sticks to this absurd narrative, pictures of her childhood home are surfacing on the Internet. As reports, Hillary Clinton grew-up in the upper-middle class/lower-upper class Chicago suburb of Park Ridge. This suburb is anything but “the mean streets of Chicago.” In fact, it would be accurate – and fair – to call Hillary Clinton a spoiled child of privilege.

This is just one more false narrative that the Clinton campaign wants to paint for voters to consume. Just like the lie that she never sent or received any classified emails on her unauthorized and illegal private server, this lie disparages Americans who actually have struggled through poverty to achieve.

Having grown up in the suburbs of Chicago, I can attest to the haughtiness of Park Ridge, a wealthy suburb of Chicago’s North Shore. The average home in Park Ridge, today, goes from anywhere from $500,000 to over $1,000,000. Some go for several million dollars. There are no means streets in Park Ridge, Illinois.

Clinton’s childhood home, a very large two story home, cost $660,000 at the time that Clinton’s father paid for it in total. Adjusted for inflation, in today’s market Clinton’s childhood home would go for several million dollars.

Additionally, Clinton’s father, who owned a drapery company frequented by millionaires, clearly did well financially as he was able to pay the $660,000 for the home in cash. This is far from the struggling tailor she describes on the campaign trail.

The Park Ridge mansion is well over 2,500 square feet. In the modesty of the 1950s this sized house was considered enormous. The average home at that time was less than 1,000 square feet.

And not only did Clinton not come from modest means, she was afforded every benefit of a wealthy upbringing. She went to the very expensive – and exclusive – Wellesley College for girls. She then went to the prestigious Ivy League Yale University. Both of these institutions are very big-ticket items.

This childhood experience lends credence to what was exposed by WikiLeaks in a transcript of one of her speeches to Goldmann Sachs executives – for which she was paid over a quarter-million dollars – in which she is quoted as saying she was necessarily removed from understanding the trials and tribulations of the middle class for her being wealthy.

This just proves that Clinton has nothing to do with the “average American.” She never grew-up as an “average American,” and her experiences are far removed from those of an “average American.” In fact, she is a platinum spoon baby who grew-up as a spoiled child and who exists now as an arrogant elitist adult who looks down at everyone she meets while treating those who protect her like garbage.

We shouldn’t reward this spoiled brat with the presidency. We don’t need a spoiled child destroying our country like an unappreciated toy.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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