This U.S. General Just Ripped Wide Open Obama’s Plan To Allow ISIS Into America

It is hard to imagine after witnessing first hand Obama’s disastrous handling of foreign policy that he still has any supporters among the left, and yet if the recent “yes” votes among pathetic Democrats signing on to the Iran deal is any indication, he apparently still does.

However there are still brave patriots left in America, obviously you won’t find them in congress, or within the judicial and certainly not within the media. You’ll find them where they’ve always been, on the front lines protecting America.

And one such patriot Lt. Gen. Vincent Stewart came to Washington, to speak his mind on Capital Hill regarding this administrations inability to act with purpose toward eliminating the barbaric death cult that goes by the name, ISIS.

Lt. General Stewart is no stranger to the complex issues within the Middle East, he comes from the Defense Intelligence Agency, and is well versed with how rapidly ISIS is spreading through the region, and was extremely blunt in his assessment of this administration.

He then warned congress, saying; “US President Obama has no intention of being a leading part of that team. When will he learn that diplomacy doesn’t work with savages!”

However, and quite frankly if the Iran Deal is any indication of congressional will and backbone to deal with ISIS, then I fear it will take once again brave men in the military like Lt. General Stewart, and not cowardly politicians to clean up the mess that they make.

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