This Video Shows CNN Working For Hillary Last Night… Watch Before They Delete It!

CNN was accidentally recorded coaching a member of their focus group on what they should say during Sunday’s presidential debate.

The following video shows that CNN discussed the debate and the answers that they were supposed to provide with a focus group of undecided Ohio voters.

*** Too bad for them that they were caught on a hot mic.

Did you catch that? It’s hard to hear at first. Here’s a replay.

This isn’t going to be a surprise for anyone. Everybody already knows that CNN works for the Clinton campaign, but it still is shocking to hear it in person.

You can clearly hear CNN reporter Pamela Brown speaking to a group participant in a hushed tone.

“America is great, because we’re good,” Brown says.

Then you can hear the focus group participant literally echo back the same words.

Spread this everywhere!! It needs to get out. CNN is literally coaching their attendees on what to say.

Don’t trust the media! It’s time to black them out for good!

Comment ‘BLACK OUT CNN’ on Facebook. Let’s show these Hillary shills what we really think of their fakery. (h/t The Daily Caller)

Go Trump! What an amazing performance last night.

H/T: Libery Writers News

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