This Wounded Serviceman Asked Trump a Single Question, Instantly Trump Walks Off Stage

If you’ve been following Republican presidential candidates, you know that Donald Trump is not only in the running, but he’s currently the GOP front-runner. During a recent rally in Sioux City, Iowa, Trump spotted a wounded warrior, and what he did next has left everyone talking.

It all started when wounded army veteran, First Sgt. Todd Landen, asked Trump what the Trump administration would do better than the Obama administration in regards to the lacking care for wounded warriors. Before the veteran could even finish the question, Trump was compelled to literally walk off stage and speak to the man face-to-face.

Trump was compelled to walk off stage

“These are our greatest people, the wounded warriors,” Trump told the crowd. “I wanna, I gotta say hello to Todd.” After complimenting the man on his beautiful family, Trump pledged to do his best to currently help the wounded vet get the care he needs from the difficult VA.

“I am going to put pressure on the (Department of Veterans Affairs) like you wouldn’t believe,” Trump said, asking the veteran for his contact information, according to CNN Politics. “As president, I can guarantee it. As Trump, I can probably say, I’m going to be able to pull it off anyway.”

Unbeknownst to Trump at the time, Todd had served three tours overseas and eventually was wounded from an IED attack in Iraq. He was forced to undergo several surgeries and retire from the Army. Along with the help of his wife April and daughter Brianna, Todd has been fighting for a better life after making such a large sacrifice for his country.

“It’s mass care. They’re just shuffling us out and crunching numbers, I think,” Todd said. “The real struggle is what insurance do I use. I’m 100% disabled, the VA is supposed to take care of my medical bills, but I have to go to a hospital 100 miles away.”


Although Trump didn’t absolutely guarantee help for Todd, he did provide the veteran with something he desperately needed — hope. “Put me back in the fight,” Todd explained. “Every time I’ve seen Donald Trump, he’s mentioned veterans. I haven’t seen that from every candidate. And today I sure didn’t expect him to come recognize me in front of the crowd.”

Our VA system is a mess, and having a president who cares about our veterans will be refreshing. It’s about time someone recognizes the sacrifices our veterans have made for us and provides them with the care they deserve.

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