Three of the most honest minutes in Political History!

Jim McLeod said: Republican or Democrat. Conservative or Liberal. Like Trump or not. He is speaking the truth. We have been duped and we need to wake up. Stop listening to the lies and free stuff your not going to get. Vote to take our country back. Vote for whomever but wake up. Your not going to get any of the free stuff they are promising. This country is broke!

Jerry Broussard said: He’s not whining about the rules, he’s shouting about the game they are forcing on us. Yeah Cruz got the delegates from Colorado, but he didn’t win anything. If you Cruzbots think Cruz is better because he plays the game better, then shame on you. I’m tired of playing the unwinnable games that the establishment has forced down our throats. It’s time for change, it’s time for someone to quit treating us like pieces of the games and work for us.

Donald Trump EXPOSES “The System is RIGGED”

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