Tim Kaine LIES Answering THIS Question! OUTRAGEOUS

CBS moderator Elaine Quijano asked Tim Kaine, why we should trust Hillary Clinton as President? His answer was a canned speech he’s used in the past.

However, what made the response even worse is that he believes her passion is what makes her trustworthy.


What passion is that? The passion to leave four people to die in Benghazi? The passion to rip off taxpayers and sellout America to the highest bidder with the Clinton Foundation? The passion to lie to the American people and Congress? The passion to delete emails and hide the TRUTH from Americans?

Donald Trump hit him hard with his first tweet of the night:

And Mike Pence CRUSHED him:

Tim Kaine seems to be just as big a liar as Hillary Clinton is. And even if he was speaking the truth, Hillary Clinton has had over 30 years in public life to turn her passion into real results. And what have we gotten? More of our soldiers dead. More wars. More taxes. More war on business. More terrorism.

Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine want to continue to RUIN America.

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