The Clinton crime syndicate continues to move down the tracks. Huma Abedin told the FBI she did not know Clinton used a private server until after she had stopped working at the state department. There is one small problem with that, however….

It was a lie, and according to Bill Clinton adviser Justin Cooper in the latest FBI release, Abedin not only knew about Clinton’s email but she was the one who came up with the idea!

Moreover, Abedin can claim she is in the dark about this all she wants, but there is another small problem with this excuse.

It also isn’t true, because Abedin also had her own clintonemail.com account. So the obvious question is how could she have been unaware of this when she had her own account?

This too is a potential obstruction of justice charge, because Huma Abedin also told the FBI under oath that she was aware of the email and that Clinton started this rouge email in order to prevent private emails about yoga and Chelsea’s wedding from being seen.

The plot is really starting to thicken when it was revealed of other things, however.

Not only was Abedin aware of the email system, she was also giving Clinton advice about how to properly manage it.

Breitbart originally reported that after one occasion where the Clinton email system crashed, Abedin and Clinton had an exchange where they discussed how a state staffer was unaware of the system. Abedin lectured Clinton on the importance of backing up her emails so that such an instance would never happen again.

It was Abedin herself – and no one else – who told Clinton that her messages were flagged with fatal errors.

As more evidence is released, it is quite apparent both Abedin and Clinton should be sharing a cell.

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