Breaking: To Help Hillary… CNN Was Caught Feeding Lines To Their Fake “Undecided” Focus Group

It’s no secret that the mainstream media has an active interest in supporting the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton. What’s absolutely telling is when they go to such lengths to skew public opinion, and still lose.

During the debate, a CNN focus group was being polled on the various topics that candidates spoke about, with a host giving microphone time to specific audience members and their opinions about things the candidates said.

However, as the feed went live a few moments before it was supposed to, you can clearly hear the host telling a woman in the audience what exactly to say, with the woman nodding, almost confirming that she got the order.

This is troubling to say the least:

You can clearly hear the host whispering the lines “America’s great because we’re good,” before going live, where the focus group member, who may as well be a hired plant at this point, just recites the exact lines she’s told.

If you need any more proof of the liberal media bias, then here’s the smoking gun.


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