To Those Still Made About Trump’s Dirty Talk, LOOK What the Media’s Hiding About Hillary

In 2005, Donald Trump had what he thought was a private conversation with Billy Bush, but that ended up being on a hot mic. Unfortunately, Trump said some things he now regrets.

As bad as his comments are deemed to have been, Hillary has her own list of disparaging comments about females and whereas Trump thought it was a private conversation, Hillary put them out there for everyone to hear. (via Daily Wire)

Hillary sunk to a new low she called Monica Lewinksy a “narcissistic loony toon” for having consensual sex with her husband, Bill Clinton. Nothing about Bill, though, right Hillary?

Amazingly, Hillary called her this because she told a friend Bill was trying to break away and Monica apparently would not let go. Imagine that… a 20-something getting upset because her idol, who just happened to be the President of the United States, was trying to drop her like a bad habit after taking advantage of her all over the White House!

When Hillary was asked about the alleged affair with Gennifer Flowers, Hillary once again went after the woman, calling Flowers “trailer trash” instead of discussing her husband’s penchant for looking outside his own bedroom for satisfaction.

Then there is the now well-documented case of Hillary defending a man who raped a 12-year old girl.

It was bad enough Hillary defended the man when she apparently thought he was guilty, but she exacerbated things by being recorded laughing about the results of his lie detector test during an interview.

With Hillary now running for the presidency, the Daily Beast tracked down the then 12-year old victim, who stated, “And you are supposed to be for women? You call that [being] for women, what you done to me? And I heard you on tape laughing.”

Finally, as Hillary is now known to do, she put all of Bill’s accusers into one big basket and called them all “bimbos.” Again, though, this from a self-proclaimed feminist that is running for the Presidency to champion the cause of women!

While these are all despicable, the one that sticks with me and leaves an overly bad taste in my mouth is what happened to that young girl. Hillary was just starting out at the time and could easily have refused the case once she realized this man was actually guilty.

But, even if I let her slide for taking him on and defending him, I simply cannot let her laughing about the case go. This is quite possibly the worst crime any man can commit, to violate a little girl, and to then make it appear as though the girl had asked for it is unforgivable.

These are but four instances and we all know there are plenty more. But this should be enough for any woman to realize what Hillary has said and done to women is far worse than Trump’s comments in the back of a bus.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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