Top Economist Reveals THIS About Donald Trump’s Plan, People Deserve to Know

More and more people are waking up to the realization the rosy picture the Obama administration has painted of the economy is simply not true. Contrary to the Democrats and even some Republicans in the current presidential race, Donald Trump realizes the economy is tanking. Now, a top economic expert has revealed that he supports many aspects of the Trump economic plan.

Economist Peter Morici has come out in support of Trump’s economic plan, according to He has also repeatedly rebuked some of the policies of Obama administration and of Obama’s preferred successor, Hillary Clinton.

Morici, who is a professor at the University of Maryland, outlines a number of reasons why voters concerned about the economy should support Trump. First of all, he said that the average median income under Obama’s watch is down an astonishing $1,650. Second, there are more elderly women in the workforce because of the declining value in retirement stocks, pensions, and poor interest rates. Young people have an immense amount of student loan debt and cannot pay their apartment rent or save for their first home.

Morici also is in agreement with Trump that Obamacare is a disaster. The mandate pushes health care costs up, causes insurance premiums to skyrocket, and leads to an increased cost of medical services. Moreover, one indirect effect would be less hiring in the healthcare industry.

Isn’t it time for a president who has some common sense when it comes to our economy? Morici would seem to think so.

If Hillary is elected president, she will continue the policies of Obama and will bribe the American public with free things. Of course, someone has to pay for these items, and the economy will tank again as a result. Experts such as Morici are already predicting if we continue down this present course we have a 76 percent chance of another recession.

Under the morass of a Sanders or Clinton administration, companies will continue to suffer under the heavy taxation and will continue to flee to Mexico where the government is more business friendly. A President Trump, on the other hand, would seek to make America into a strong economy that asserts its rights in global commerce. Even liberal economist Paul Krugman has to agree with Trump’s plan to tax Chinese imports, because it removes a serious strain on our economy: foreign devaluation of our currency.

Like Morici, we all can agree Trump’s policies would give us what we really need: jobs.

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