Hillary’s health has been a concern, even among Democrats, for quite some time, but they kept their worries hidden from the American public. Putting party before country is not just a character flaw, it is dangerous. Voters deserve to make an informed decision when casting their ballots and not be duped into a choice based on the biggest smoke-and-mirrors hoax ever created.

According to leaked Colin Powell’s emails with a Hillary super donor, Jeffrey Leeds, the candidate’s health was ringing alarm bells last year AND the Clintons loathe the Obamas.

“[Democratic Rhode Island Senator] Sheldon Whitehouse, who is a huge Clinton supporter, said they were both giving speeches at the same event a few months back and she could barely climb the podium steps,” Jeffrey Leeds said in a hacked email to Colin Powell.

The leaked Colin Powell emails are proving disastrous for Hillary Clinton as they come on the heels of her “basket of deplorables” and 9/11 ceremony collapse incidents.

“She’ll pummel his legacy if she gets elected and he knows it,” Colin Powell said in the email to Leeds after noting how Obama might relish the idea of Hillary finding herself in serious legal trouble.

Leeds has donated heavily to both Democrat Party candidates and the Clinton Foundation for many years.

Colin Powell said that even though he had not heard anything specific about Hillary’s health woes, he did believe there was “something to it.”

The former secretary of state also thought Hillary looked awful when viewed on HDTV.

Sure, many men wouldn’t get all excited about seeing Hillary in HD, but Powell was not being cruel about Hillary’s appearance—he was expressing actual concern about her level of health.

Powell also thought Hillary might be “working herself to death,” but any habit of working long hours seems to have changed during the presidential campaign.

According to a review of her posted schedule shared by Sean Hannity, Hillary took more days off than she campaigned/worked in August.

Many of her working days consisted of rubbing elbows with the liberal elite and celebrities or upscale locals while dining on gourmet cuisine—a work day not even remotely resembling one of our own, fellow patriots, or the long hours Donald Trump spends meeting local leaders around the country and standing in front of large crowds at rallies.

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