TRAITOR – Paul Ryan Just Turned On Donald Trump, Details Are Disturbing

On Thursday, President Obama announced sanctions against Russia for their alleged attempts to interfere with the U.S. presidential elections.

And, while President-Elect Trump criticized Obama’s actions, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan supported them. “While today’s action by the administration is overdue, it is an appropriate way to end eight years of failed policy with Russia,” Ryan said. (via Breitbart)

Ryan shares in Trump’s criticism of Obama, there’s no mistaking that. “And it serves as a prime example of this administration’s ineffective foreign policy that has left America weaker in the eyes of the world.”

But, on this matter, he seems to be standing against the soon-to-be president. In fact, he has taken the issue to the public.

“Russia does not share America’s interests. In fact, it has consistently sought to undermine them, sowing dangerous instability around the world.” Ryan stated.

Trump, on the other hand, basically laughed the sanctions off, as did Russian President Vladimir Putin. Neither seems too worried about Obama’s rhetoric and Putin knows Trump won’t keep the sanctions once in office.

Obama also expelled 35 Russian intelligence operatives from US soil, an act unprecedented since the days of the Cold War. Putin responded by saying that the American delegation in Russia was welcome to remain there.

In other words, both Trump and Putin are treating Obama’s action with zero respect and a load of mockery.

Putin and Trump both seem to be waiting until January 20 to discuss how their relationship will unfold. Both are alpha males, you might say, who are seeking to make their nation great again.

Trump seems to be trying to find some common ground with Putin, which is in everyone’s best interests. This is very different from Obama’s approach, which is to hide from scary leaders and make periodic weak threats.  Reagan, you’ll recall, made friends with Gorbachev.

Make no mistake, Putin and Russia are as dangerous as the day is long. But, they can also be powerful allies. In any case, the first move has to be diplomacy. Ryan should know that.

In my opinion, Ryan should not have gone public with his opposing opinion. He should have given Trump the benefit of the doubt, or talked privately with him.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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