Trey Gowdy Only Needed 18 Words To Smack Every Gun-Hating Liberal Right In The Mouth

When it comes to protecting the right of citizens to bear arms, look no further than Congressman Trey Gowdy. He’s a bonafide professional at shutting down corruption and putting liberals in their place.

At the National Rifle Association’s Annual Meeting — where Donald Trump was formally endorsed — Gowdy hammered the left on the gun issue, uttering a perfect statement:

“They want to win the debate on the Second Amendment; we want to win the war on crime.”

Brilliant, and so very true. While the left believes they can yell and scream their way to victory, their ad hominem attack hold no weight against the core principles found in the Constitution. Those same principles effectively minimize crime by maximizing individual freedom.

Notice that Gowdy said nothing remotely close to “Democrats are going to abolish the Second Amendment.” Nonetheless, you can expect liberals to respond to his statement by saying something along the lines of, “But Democrats don’t want to take the right to bear arms!” — a straw man fallacy if ever there was one.

Conservative don’t generally argue that Democrats are trying to do that — except Trump, who actually said Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton wanted to terminate the Second Amendment. The right just wants the government to respect the “shall not be infringed” clause within the Second Amendment. Anything that trespasses upon that statement should and will be met with fierce resistance.

So, basically anything having to do with the left’s call for “gun control” will be furiously fought, however severe or seemingly lax that “control” might actually be.

In the end, more guns in the hands of American citizens equates to less blood shed in the streets. That’s something mindless liberal sheep don’t understand. It’s also a truth that liberal politicians hate.

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