Trey Gowdy RIPS APART Anti-Gun Liberal Congressmen, Shoves Their LIES Down Their THROATS!

Gowdy is a champion for the Republican and conservative cause, especially when it comes to gun rights and gun laws. Gowdy routinely gets asked and bombarded with asinine questions and comments from liberals and the example below is no exception. Gowdy asked, by a liberal, about gun laws when traveling with a gun and the constitutional rights that protect that travel.

Gowdy’s response is not only quick and brutal, it’s also factually correct and demoralizing for the opposition. This is GOOD:

As usual, Gowdy brings up a great point. If the right somehow impeded on freedom of speech the left wold go absolutely bananas. The fact that the left has a death warrant for the second amendment and people on the right haven’t gone entirely nuts is absolutely mind blowing.

Thankfully, we have Gowdy on our team, I wouldn’t want to go up against him in a debate.


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