Truckers have epic plan if brokered convention occurs

Lucy Kam said: It will be the largest movement in America’s history. So the GOP had better beware, We the People are not joking, all hell will break lose if you don’t nominate Trump!

Linda A. Sweeney said: I love it that the common people of America, the bikers and the truckers, the people that actually make America work every day are uniting to support their choice. God I know you are seeing and hearing all of this. It is our desire to bring America back to the place when we used to honor your Name and pray to you as a Nation. Dear God, I pray that your choice wins in November. In Jesus’ Name I come against all assignments against your choice for President, Lord. In my opinion, the reason why so many are coming against Trump is because he is your candidate, too. I may be wrong, but it seems that way. I just want your will to be done, Lord!

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