Trump 1st GOP Nominee in HISTORY To Lead Early Voting In THIS State – 120,000 Vote Lead!!

Donald Trump’s historic run for president has been a campaign of many firsts. He was the first candidate to get over 13 million primary votes. Fast forward to late September, and he is now eclipsing yet another record.

Donald Trump is the first GOP presidential candidate to have opened up a huge lead in early voting totals in Florida.

This state is crucial for Trump because in nine of the last ten elections, Florida has voted with the winning candidate. Their 29 electoral votes represent just over ten percent of the vote needed for a candidate to reach the total prize.

With the present early voting totals, Donald Trump has opened up a six-point lead over Hillary Clinton.

For a little historical significance, at this time in 2012, the Democrats were ahead of the Republicans by a margin of 43% to 40% in this important state.

The early voting totals often can give a picture of the entire election in the state, because Barack Obama would later go on to be reelected by roughly the same margin of 3% that the early voting indicated.

These early voting totals are significant for Donald Trump for other crucial reasons as well.

They are showing us that Hillary Clinton’s desperate attempts to attempt to brand Donald Trump as a racist are simply not working. His message is not only resonating, it is reaching across to all walks of life.

Approximately 15.5% of Florida’s population is African American and 16.8% of the population is Hispanic or Latino, and that doesn’t even count those who have mixed origins.

No, the fat lady hasn’t sung yet, but the early writing on the wall for the Clinton campaign as all signs point to a Trump victory in Florida.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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