Trump Acknowledges Hillary’s Poll Numbers… His EPIC 4-Word Response Explains It All

Donald Trump’s poll numbers have been a thorn in his side throughout the Republican primary, during much of which he was often the Republican contender who fared the worst in theoretical matchups against both former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

He looked better in some polls after becoming the presumed presidential nominee, but more recently his numbers have again begun to drop against Clinton.

But fear not, for Trump has the answer to the decline.

“I’m four down in one poll, three-and-a-half in another that just came out, and I haven’t started yet,” Trump told the The New York Times, according to The Hill.

Well, hopefully he’ll get started on her soon. Clinton needs to be exposed in every possible manner regarding her corruption, cover-ups and backroom deals. She has actively sold out the United States to foreign nations. All they have on The Donald is that he’s “said mean things.”

I mean, you have a candidate who’s currently under federal investigation for completely separate scandals — deleted emails and the Benghazi ordeal — and you have a candidate who’s made disparaging remarks about radical Islamists and illegal immigrants.

Honestly, there shouldn’t be any competition. However, so many people are getting in the way of Trump — like Republican congressmen and leaders — that bad press has run amok.

“I have tremendous Republican support,” Trump said. “Unfortunately, they never talk about that. They talk about the few rebels.”

As for the senators who have fallen behind in their own polls, Trump said they were having difficulties long before he showed up.

“I think I’m going to help,” he said. “If they lose, they’ll pin it on Donald Trump. But I don’t let that happen easily.”

For the record, almost all recently national polls have been of registered voters, not likely voters, and are therefore of questionable value anyway.

Trump has to step up his game — there are too many people after him to let an off-color remark or an emotional tweet slip out. After all, little things can cause you to gain or lose votes — and he needs every vote he can get.

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