Trump Adviser Explains Why Hillary’s “Unfavorable” Numbers Are Different Than Trump’s

Talk is cheap — actions speak louder than words. Dick Morris, an adviser to the Trump campaign and former adviser to President Bill Clinton, made this point loud and clear Wednesday in relation to the 2016 presidential campaign.

Speaking Wednesday on “Trending Today USA” with Rusty Humphries on USA Radio, a partner company to Conservative Tribune, Morris spoke about the difference between the unfavorable numbers of the Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton and presumed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

In short — Clinton’s actions cannot not be undone, but Trump’s words can be.

“What Trump has got to do is to lower those negatives by putting out concrete, positive issue proposals one after another and reducing the bomb-thrower image,” Morris explained.

Listen to Morris’ remarks in full below — although the entire interview is definitely worth a listen, Morris’ comments on Trump and Clinton start at about the six-minute mark:

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