Trump aide throws out HUGE numbers in delegate conversation

Ed Brookover spoke with extreme confidence about reaching the magic 1,237 delegates in conversations with House Republicans. reports: In a private meeting on Capitol Hill, Trump aide Ed Brookover laid out a bullish road map for Trump to win by healthy margins in the upcoming primary states, starting in New York on Tuesday and concluding with a victory in California’s June primary. Despite Trump’s steep climb to win 1,237 delegates before the Cleveland convention, Brookover insisted a contested convention simply wouldn’t happen and that Trump was on a “glide path” to the nomination.

“The hard number is 1,237, and we think we’re going to blow way past that,” said Brookover, a long-time GOP political operative in Washington.

Rep. Chris Collins of New York, who is helping lead Trump’s outreach on Capitol Hill, said the Trump campaign told lawmakers that the candidate would secure 85 of his state’s 95 delegates on Tuesday.

“That is conservative,” Collins said of the Trump campaign’s projections in his state. “We talked about 1,237, and I can tell you we got to 1,265 in a conservative way.”

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