Trump all in with reminder that Hillary enabled Bill’s sexual misconduct

“Some of these women were destroyed.”

I was going to lead with “I’m not sure what planet Chris Wallace is living on,” but if course I’m completely sure. Wallace lives on Planet Beltway, where you don’t dare deal in things that are true because it might “backfire.” I guess that means people don’t want to hear it or something. One of the reasons Donald Trump took out the rest of the Republican field is that he doesn’t think like that. It’s not so much that he “tells it like it is” but that he tells it like he wants to tell it and doesn’t care that the conventional wisdom has people wringing their hands over the terrifying repurcussions.

So when Democrats toss around the word “sexist” to describe Trump as if it’s as obvious as the sun rising in the east, Trump would like to remind everyone about the nature of his opponent. This may befuddle Chris Wallace, but those of us who’ve been paying attention to Hillary’s behavior during her quarter-century on the national stage know that Trump is 100 percent correct:

If by “backfiring,” Wallace means the press intends to go after those who dare bring up Hillary’s behavior in this regard, there is some precent for his thinking this way. As New Hampshire State Rep. Katherine Prudhomme O’Brien what happens when you put Hillary on the spot about her intimidation of Juanita Broaddrick, who has consistently alleged since the 1970s that Bill Clinton raped her only to have Hillary pressure her to keep quiet about it.

But what’s with the idea that talking about this stuff will “only make her more popular”? For one thing, she’s not popular. For another thing why would people like her more than they do because they hear about (or are reminded about) behavior like this? This only happens in a bizarre universe in which any criticism at all of the female candidate is by definition counterproductive because no one likes it when you’re mean to the girl. And if that’s the world we’re living in now, you can expect Hillary to play that card on a daily basis as president, since she is the most thin-skinned person I’ve ever seen on the public stage and she absolutely cannot handle anyone criticizing her.

Fortunately, Trump understands that it’s best to ignore the media’s nonsense on this, especially since he’s the one who’s being accused of sexism. Because he’s right, and anyone who’s paid attention for lo these many years knows he’s right. Bill Clinton is about the biggest sexist you’re ever going to find, and Hillary has absolutely enabled his behavior because she needs Bill’s political viability to remain intact if she has any hope of achieving her obsessive goal of winning the presidency. That is far more important than her marriage or her own personal dignity. And Hillary will think nothing of accusing Trump of the very thing her own husband is – the very thing she helps her husband to be – because Hillary is a liar (and not very smart either) and she will say whatever she thinks she needs to say to win.

This is one of the reasons I do think Trump has a chance to win. A more conventional Republican nominee would shy away from talking about Hillary’s worst personal traits because he would think like Chris Wallace or all those “Republican women” who are terrified it will backfire. And as a result, Hillary would not have to account for her appalling behavior. Trump doesn’t care that the conventional wisdom says to let Hillary get away with the things she’s done. He’s going to attack her for it.

Good. He should. All the hysterics about Trump are making people forget just what a horror show Hillary Clinton actually is. And if he’s not going to remind people, I don’t know who will.

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