Trump Announces New Attack Strategy Against Hillary… And You Will LOVE It

If you enjoy hearing the nicknames presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump comes up with for his opponents, then you are in luck, as you will be hearing more.

The latest person to be saddled with a nickname from Trump is his likely opponent in the general election, scandal-plagued presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, now dubbed “Crooked Hillary.”

According to The New York Times, or the “Failing New York Times” as Trump calls them, his nickname for Hillary has gained traction and appears to have stuck, meaning we will likely be hearing it plenty up through election day.

“I feel it, it’s an instinct,” Trump said in a phone interview, discussing some of the other successful nicknames he has saddled opponents with, such as “Lyin’ Ted,” “Liddle Marco,” and of course, “Low Energy Jeb.” As to “Crooked Hillary,” Trump said, “It works, it flows.”

The journalist recalled a prior interview with Trump earlier in the campaign season in which the billionaire businessman was asked if he ever used focus groups to test and approve his messaging.

With a smirk Trump replied, “I do focus groups — right here,” pointing to his head.

There aren’t really any hard and fast rules to Trump and his nicknames, though he does tend to follow a pattern with them, usually by using a quirky spelling, or by dropping the nickname once the opponent is no longer in the race, though Trump does reserve the right to resurrect the nickname if it proves necessary.

Others have attempted to beat Trump at his own game, to no avail. Most recently, the Democratic National Committee began to call Trump “Dangerous Donald,” an effort that laughably fell on its face right out of the gate.

We all know the end result for the other candidates hit with nicknames by Trump, so we can only hope that he will find the same successful outcome against “Crooked Hillary.”

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