Trump Asked If GOP Chairman Dislikes Him… Trump Replies With 4 Brilliant Words

You could say Donald Trump has earned the Republican presidential nomination the hard way. For someone who is so disliked among Washington establishment types, he has fared extremely well.

One of those reasons has been his refusal to be politically correct, a characteristic that appeals to many voters sick and tired of what’s been happening in Washington for decades. Trump’s popularity among voters hasn’t helped him earn the approval of those in Washington or his own party — but that doesn’t seem to affect him much.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Trump shed light on just how he thought about those who disagreed with him.

When asked how he felt about Republican Chair Reince Priebus’ condescending attitude toward him, Trump said that he agreed that he was being condescended to, but: “I’ve never seen anybody vote for a platform. I’m less concerned about that than I am about my own views.”

Trump then asked his social media manager, Dan Scavino Jr., to bring him some charts. From them, Trump pulled printouts of the Drudge Report and a map of the U.S. that showed how he dominates Google searches in all 50 states.

He then told Green: “I have the loudspeaker.”

Trump could have easily said some distasteful things about Priebus, but showed restraint and instead pointed to what actually mattered — his popularity and how it continues to rise.

The fact that Trump did exhibit some restraint pointed to why he has managed to rise above anyone’s expectations this far — he knows how to handle himself in such a way that voters can respect and yet he doesn’t much care what people think.

He does appear to have the loudspeaker and it seems he always has. From the moment he announced his candidacy, he’s controlled the media by seemingly beating them at their own game.

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